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Having an updated Business profile on Google and BING is almost more important than your actual website. ALMOST.

Getting a Business Profile is one of the simplest and most effective ways of setting your business up to be found online.
More and more search queries are becoming geographically specific.

Search Engine Optimization

We have all searched: ‘places to eat near me’, right?
The list of restaurants that pop up, all have a Business pages on Google or BING,
and are now, one step closer to attracting you as a customer.

On a weekly basis, schon graphics goes into your business profile - makes changes to hours,  adds special offers, announcements, holiday wishes,  replies to reviews . . . 
and most importantly: adds photos with your logo or URL, tagged with keywords your customers type in to find YOUR business.

This Service comes with a monthly report. 

Monthly charge for Google: $200
add BING Profile Administration: $350 

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