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Trackable QR Codes

For small businesses, QR Codes (Quick Response Code) can be a versatile tool. 

They help increase brand awareness and share essential details like landing pages, e-mails,
phone numbers, menus and social media links - driving more traffic and engagement.

Did you know: 


I can create QR codes with your logo, colors and design?

The information behind them can be pretty much anything you want:
PDF Document, website, e-mail, video, photo etc

Even better: 


These QR codes let you change the information behind them at any time:
Update an e-mail or document, or change the code from website to a Facebook Page.

And the best thing: 

They are trackable!

Schon Graphics - Hunt County Webdesign QR Code

This let's you monitor all of your marketing campaigns easily, and compare the success of different locations and methods.

Annual cost: $250 

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