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Add those BING users!

While Google remains King of the search, its global market share has fallen in the past three years to around 80%During the same timeframe, Bing's share has risen to over 10%Nearly 50% of US citizens use Bing as their default search engine

source: Statistica, Tiago Bianchi, Feb, 2024

BING attracts a different demographic than Google:Most work computers have BING as their default search engine. So for 40 hours a week, Bing has a strong reach into the working white collar professionals’ searches:

  • Slightly more mature, averaging 45 years old (vs the US average of 38)

  • 30% to 40% of searches on Bing are related to travel, health and finance

  • More educated, with 50% having some college degree

  • More affluent, with a third having a household income over $100k

  • The average Bing searcher spends 35% more when shopping online than through Google

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