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Search Engine Optimization

. . . how Google finds you.

Online Marketing is now more important than ever

Schön Graphics can help with:

  1. Webpage Administration:
    Your Webpage must be updated regularly . . . if not, google will "think this page is old news" and will not rank your page properly. Google is designed to keep its customers - you and me -  up to date with the newest information. So if you haven't done anything on your page in 3 months . . .  that's old news.
    -> Schon Graphics offers a monthly flatrate to keep your page and apps updated and of course: if you need a change, like: new staff, new photos, new hours: this is all covered in the flatrate. At the end of each month, you will receive a report with information like: How many people visited your page, from which City / Country, from desktop or mobile . . .  this is important information if you are planning on launching marketing campaigns. 

  2. Google My Business Page
    Google offers a FREE business Page, which is ALMOST more important than your actual Webpage. Here you update business hours, services, news . . .  everything customers need to know - and where to go -  at one single glance. Google will also send you notifications, how many people viewed your photos etc.
    This site is so important, because the better you take care of it: update posts, photos with keywords and so on - the better your actual site will be found. 

    -> Schon Graphics offers a monthly flatrate to take care of your google page. I usually follow you Facebook page and take pictures from there and turn them into google posts, or you can send me photos via text or e-mail. I research and add or change keywords and at the end of each month, you will receive a report with information like: How many people called you, visited your website, asked for directions, viewed your photos, etc. 

  3. Social Media Marketing 
    The potential reach of social media is indicated by the fact that in 2019, each month the Facebook app almost had 2.5 billion monthly active users. Facebook is the biggest social network worldwide. Depending on your Target Group you might consider adding twitter and or Instagram.
    -> Schon Graphics usually recommends Businesses to take care of their own Social Media, because your customers want to see YOU.
    A mix of personal and business posts usually works best with our followers.  But of course, I can also help with this. 

  4. Google Ads
    Google Ads is something totally different than SEO. Depending on your Target Group you might want to consider both. Potential customers click and think different, and there is a 50–50 chance of clicking an AD vs the organic click. If done right, You will have a great Return on Investmant on your Ads!
    -> Schon Graphics can make recommendations depending on your Business and your target group.

Why me?
I guarantee you that all my SEO Customers are unique. I only have ONE Realtor, ONE Insurance, ONE Storage Facility, ONE Doctor, ONE  . . .

I will give you 110% 

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