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Search Engine Profiles

We have all searched: ‘places to eat near me’, right?

The list of restaurants that pop up, all have a Business Profile on Google or BING, and are now:
One step closer to attracting you as a customer.

You - and most other people - will look at the first 3-5 Businesses that pop up on your list.
If these Businesses have good reviews, photos, maybe a website and very important: have their opening hours updated, because no one wants to stand in front of a closed door, you will most likely give them a chance.


All these things can and need to be added and updated regularly in your Search Engine Profile.

Having an updated Business Profile on Google and BING is almost more important than your actual Website.


These profiles provide you with the ability to list your business location on Maps and local search results. 

You can display important information about your business, and add tons of keywords to increase your ranking and that people find you, no matter which of your services or products they are searching for.

You can also post updates like special sales, a community events or something about an upcoming Holiday. 

The better these profiles are maintained
the better your ranking will be.

While Google remains King of the search, Bing is gaining traction. 

BING attracts a different demographic than Google:
Most work computers have BING as their default search engine. So for 40 hours a week, Bing has a strong reach into the working white collar professionals’ searches.

Google map of Schon Graphics - Hunt County Webdesign
Schon Graphics - Hunt County Webdesign screenshot
Schon Graphics - Hunt County Webdesign-google screenshot
Screenshot 2023-10-11 at 3.53_edited.jpg

Google Profile 
$ 200 / monthly

Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 11.43.02 AM.png

Profile Maintenance:
- Keep Opening Hours, Holiday / Bad Weather closures updated

- Add photos, tagged with keywords (up to 8 photos per month)

- Add 2-4 posts with Events, Holidays, Special announcements, blog content etc. 

- View and reply to 4 & 5 Star reviews (1-3 Star reviews will be reported to you) 

- Conduct keyword research

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