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Trackable QR Codes

Updated: 3 days ago

For small businesses, QR Codes (Quick Response Code) can be a versatile tool. 

They help increase brand awareness and share essential details like landing pages, e-mails, phone numbers, menus and social media links

-> driving more traffic and engagement.

  • Add QR Codes to business cards, stickers, Car Wraps and effortlessly share contact information

  • Drive traffic to your store page by linking QR Codes with your business website

  • Link your QR Codes to ‘how-to-videos’ that help customers understand your product better

  • Connect QR Codes with an image gallery

  • Use QR Codes that connect to a pdf of menu or map ...

  • and so much more Find more information about QR Codes on my website:

QR Code to Website of Hunt County Webdesign


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